Rosan P. Roeslani
Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2015-2020
Kadin Profile
Full Name
Rosan P. Roeslani
Jakarta, 31 December 1968
MBA from European University di Antwerpen.

Rosan Perkasa Roeslani is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Currently he is the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin Indonesia) (2015-2020), an organization that accommodates all businessmen and business associations in Indonesia.

Known as the founder of Recapital Advisor, a company in the field of financial services, Rosan pioneered a business career after completing his Masters degree in Europe by earning an MBA. The business intuition was immediately tested for crisis 97-98. Together with his two partners, Rosan was able to read opportunities amid global economic shocks, especially thanks to his expertise and reliability in analyzing and developing investment and portfolio diversification and in initiating mergers and acquisitions.

The restructuring program for a number of large companies in the country is slowly strengthening the foundation of the Rosan business with Recapital. Until finally, these entrepreneurs who are active in employers' organizations (HIPMI & KADIN) can have portfolios and positions in a number of other well-known companies. He is also active in community social activities