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Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Kadin Indonesia in collaboration with strategic partners developed legal aid services for entrepreneurs and Kadin member associations. This service is specifically developed to provide assistance for easy and fast access to various business documents and legal consulting services.


Types of services that can be accessed :

  • Establishment of a Business Entity either in the form of an Individual Company, PT or CV
  • Brand Registration
  • Deed Amendment
  • Contract Making
Enhance your business capacity, get special services and packages for Kadin member companies and MSMEs.


Get trusted legal consultation and advice from dozens of experienced lawyers. Trusted by +30,000 clients.

The legal consultation programme provides services to handle various cases such as criminal, civil to business. The services in business sector include:

  • Cooperation Contract
  • Retainer
  • Vendor Contracts 
  • Terms of Service (Term and Condition)
  • Brand Registration
  • Company Regulations
  • Labour Contract


Get the latest information and stay updated with legal developments with hukumonline.com, an integrated bilingual database of regulations, court decisions and legal analysis.

hukumonline.com services:

  • Regulatory analysis
  • Presents the latest and most comprehensive information and analyses of Indonesian regulations that are systematically classified to make your legal research easier.
  • Presenting an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Regulatory Compliance System (RCS) Platform as a solution to monitor corporate legal compliance, mitigate risks, reduce costs, and increase confidence in compliance status for all companies in various industries

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Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry