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The international unit of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry functioning as the bridge between Indonesian and foreign businesses in trade and investment.

Having professionalism and bilingual staffs, KADIN Business Service Desk connects and introduces our clients to potential business partners using the network of KADIN Indonesia across 34 regional chambers (KADINDA) and 514 district branches. As the umbrella organization for business in Indonesia, we have over 30,000 companies and 200 associations under our membership.

Started in 2009, KADIN Indonesia Business Service Desk (KADIN BSD) is the international business services unit of KADIN Indonesia.

KADIN BSD shares KADIN Indonesia’s vision to help push the Indonesian economy to a more resilient and equitable future, and believes that Indonesia is fully ready to push through its borders.

It also shares KADIN Indonesia’s mission to be the initiator of changes in the mindset and actions such as planning, structuring and implementation of strategic policies for a more equitable economy.

KADIN BSD provides an independent view on new opportunities and developments in Indonesia. Specifically, it offers an experience, network, and service; overall working closely with the Government of Indonesia and business stakeholders. Thus, we are the first contact point for foreign companies and a conduit to the progressive Indonesian private sector.

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