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Kadin Indonesia Reports 2023 Performance: Strengthening MSMEs and International Cooperation to Support the National Economy

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) today reported its performance as the only organization that serves as a forum for the business world as well as a strategic partner of the government during 2023 in an effort to support national economic growth. Through a series of work programs and cross-sector collaboration, Kadin Indonesia has encouraged the use of domestic products, facilitated exports and international cooperation, and supported a sustainable business ecosystem in Indonesia.

The Acting Chairman of Kadin Indonesia, Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi, said that since the 2022 National Leadership Meeting (Rapimnas), Kadin Indonesia has set a number of work programs as the focus of the organization. "Kadin Indonesia is committed to having a significant impact through a series of work programs that have been determined at the 2022 Rapimnas, including upgrading MSMEs, increasing international collaboration and strengthening the organization," Yukki said (30/10/2023).

To date, Kadin Indonesia has successfully carried out a number of programs to significantly improve the competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The Indonesia Catalogue Expo and Forum (ICEF) 2023 exhibition held in collaboration with the Government Procurement Policy Agency (LKPP), for example, encourages the use of local products and services through digitization and procurement systems with e-catalogues.

In addition, by organizing Trade Expo Indonesia, Kadin displays Indonesia's superior products while facilitating business meetings to attract investment and boost exports. "In fact, through the WikiExport Japan program, Kadin has connected more than 200 MSMEs with Japanese business people, and generated exports worth Rp 10 billion last August," Yukki added.

Internationally, Kadin Indonesia has supported the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) 2023 and run roadshows to strengthen relations and connectivity between ASEAN countries. These efforts have resulted in strategic steps that affect the improvement of business quality both directly and indirectly, from understanding regional and global perspectives, mainstreaming business issues, empowering local businesses, to collaboration between ASEAN countries. Likewise, in terms of sustainability, Kadin Indonesia actively participates in the Indonesia Sustainability Forum 2023 in collaboration with the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment and continues to encourage industrial decarbonization through the Kadin Net Zero Hub initiative.

Yukki emphasized that Kadin Indonesia as an organization also continues to transform and adapt to industry developments to continue to provide benefits to its members. Since it was legally ratified through Law No. 1 of 1987 and strengthened through Presidential Decree No. 18 of 2022, Kadin Indonesia continues to strive to strengthen the internal consolidation of the organization as the only parent organization of the business world in Indonesia that was born based on the Law.

In addition, Kadin Indonesia also continues to synergize with regional business actors through the Regional Kadin at the Provincial, Regency / City level throughout Indonesia is through the Kadin Impact Award (KIA) initiative. Through the competition ecosystem, the KIA program has encouraged the birth of innovative programs in the fields of digitalization, women's empowerment, vocational, regional economy, and environmental sustainability that utilize local economic potential.

Kadin Indonesia's performance is not far from the efforts to achieve the ideals of the Golden Indonesia 2045 launched by the government to get out of the middle income trap. Furthermore, Kadin Indonesia has also submitted the Indonesia Emas 2045 Roadmap, which is expected to guide the government to bring Indonesia to become the world's 4th largest economy based on purchasing power parity (PPP) gross domestic product (GDP) in 2045.

Executive Director of the Center of Reform on Economics (CORE), Mohammad Faisal, appreciated the performance of Kadin Indonesia through its programs. "The role of Kadin Indonesia and the business world in general is very strategic in promoting investment, encouraging exports, increasing innovation and productivity, which are key to accelerating national economic growth," Faisal explained.

He argued that in addition to economic aspects, Kadin Indonesia also needs to strengthen its role in ensuring environmental and sustainability aspects, social responsibility and good governance are taken into account. "The Indonesia Gold 2045 Roadmap that has been submitted by KADIN to the government is a very important and concrete first step to encourage collaboration between policy makers and the business world needed to achieve these common goals," said Faisal.

On this occasion, Yukki reiterated the organization's commitment to contribute to national economic development with inclusive and collaborative initiatives. "Going forward, the organization will continue to improve our performance through programs that provide benefits not only for Kadin members, but also for all stakeholders," Yukki concluded.

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