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Kadin Encourages the Use of TKDN in the Medical Device Sector
Kadin East Java and Canada Explore Investment, Trade and Education Cooperation
12th TVET Roundtable for Vocational Development Held Again
Kadin, ICHS and BPJPH Hold Initial Kick Off Meeting for Halal Industry Development
Kadin NTT's Business Mission Visit in March and April
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Program Overview

Kadin Indonesia's 2021-2026 programme consists of two major groups:

  1. Priority Programs 
  2. Working Programs

Priority Programs

The Board Members of Kadin Indonesia has developed a Road Map as a guide for the business world to realise the Golden Indonesia 2045, which is a vision of Indonesia's future as a resilient, prosperous, inclusive and sustainable country. 

Kadin Indonesia has also set 9 Strategic Programmes as the focus of work to strengthen and accelerate national economic growth. These strategic programmes have been contextualised with current economic developments and needs, such as the issue of sustainable development, digitalisation, improving HR talent, education, food security and health, tourism and creative economy, as well as the fisheries and marine sectors.

Kadin Indonesia is committed to continue focusing on achieving the vision of Indonesia Emas 2045 and 9 priority programmes. We hope to make a significant contribution to Indonesia's economic growth.

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Working Programs

There are 5 main work program groups, namely:

2024 Programme Design

Kadin Indonesia has set 151 draft work programmes to be held in 2024 with several common themes, including: 

  1. Increased Investment
  2. Regional and National Economic Empowerment
  3. Sustainable National Industrial Development
  4. Empowerment of MSMEs and Digital Economy
  5. Improving HR Competence


Work Programmes that will Involve Regional Kadin (Kadinda)

The Vice Chairman (WKU)/Head of Agency has determined 115 or 78% of the work programmes that will collaborate with the Regional Kadin. Of these programmes, there are 11 programmes whose locations have been determined, namely:

  1. DI Aceh
  2. North Sumatera
  3. Riau Islands
  4. Banten
  5. West Java
  6. West Kalimantan
  7. North Kalimantan
  8. East Kalimantan
  9. Central Sulawesi
  10. Southeast Sulawesi 
  11. NTT


Work Programmes that Will Involve Extraordinary Members (ALB) 

A total of 35 or 71% of the total Vice Chairmen/Heads of Kadin Indonesia have programmes that will involve Extraordinary Members (ALB), with a total of 93 or 63% of work programmes.


Policy Advocacy

A total of 27 or 55% of Vice Chairmen/Heads of Agencies have a policy advocacy agenda with a total of 45 inputs for existing regulations or encouraging new regulations. The priority issues in Kadin's policy advocacy continue last year's progress, namely: 

  1. UU No.4/2023 PPSK
  2. UU No.6/2023 Cipta Kerja
  3. PP No.36/2023 Devisa Hasil Ekspor
  4. Perpres No.12/2021 Pengadaan Barang dan Jasa Pemerintah
  5. RUU EBT dan RUU Migas


Work Programmes Involving Ministries and Government Agencies

There are 100 or 68% of Kadin Indonesia's work programmes with agendas involving cooperation with Government Ministries and Institutions. Whether it is related to policy advocacy, cooperation activities, or co-hosting national flagship events. 


Flagship Events 2024

There are 29 flagship events planned and 17 of them are collaborative programmes between Kadin Indonesia and government ministries and institutions. Some of the flagship events programmes are:

  1. Indonesian Catalog Expo and Forum (August 2024)
  2. Trade Expo Indonesia (September 2024)
  3. Mining and Energy Anniversary, September 28 2024
  4. National Food Day (October 16 2024)
  5. National Fintech Month (November 11 2024)
  6. Indonesia Sustainability Forum (October/November 2024)
  7. COP 29 UN Climate Conference (December 2024)


Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry