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Kadin Cipta

kadin cipta

Kadin Cipta is a platform exclusively dedicated for all members of Kadin Indonesia.This application is part of Kadin Indonesia's efforts to transform into the digital world. The aim of this application is to connect entrepreneurs with the Online Single Submission (OSS) platform,reform the platform, and create a digital database and library for Kadin Indonesia.

Kadin Cipta also serves as the digital foundation of Kadin Indonesia's digitization efforts, utilizing the verified database of Kadin Indonesia's members, associations, government, and businesses as a decision-making tool for the organization's programs.

The features of Kadin Cipta will include:

  • A digital platform
  • Verified Kadin Indonesia database
  • Kadin Digital ID (single identifier)
  • Governance of organizational programs related to digitalization.
  • Verification between ministry agencies with AHU Kumham, Dukcapil, OSS BKPM, and DGT NPWP

Kadin Cipta: Turning the Digital Age into Business Opportunities

Kadin Cipta is an innovative breakthrough that presents a digital transformation of service provision for Kadin members and national businesses and industries. Through this platform, we strengthen business competitiveness by empowering the world through easy access to the latest business data and information, strengthening inclusive collaboration for all parties, and providing information on the availability of business opportunities. Kadin Cipta's integrated digital platform has several excellent features to provide various essential services for the business world, such as:

Layanan Informasi Advokasi

Layanan Database Regulasi dan Bantuan Hukum

Layanan Data dan Analisa Ekonomi dan Hukum Bisnis

Layanan Peningkatan Networking dan Business Matching melalui Business Service Desk (BSD)

Forum Komunikasi Anggota Kadin Indonesia

Kadin Active Application

Kadin Cipta presents a user-friendly digital platform user-friendlyand builds a verified and trusted database that can be useful for your business development.

Our Program

Kadin Central Java Encourages Migrant Workers with Specific Skills to Take Advantage of Japan's SSW Program
Strengthening MSMEs as an Instrument to Achieve the Vision of Golden Indonesia 2045
M. Arsjad Rasjid P.M.
Kadin is Ready to Cooperate with the Government in the Policy Implementation Scheme of the MCH Law


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