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Kadin Cipta

kadin cipta

Kadin Cipta is a platform exclusively dedicated for all members of Kadin Indonesia.This application is part of Kadin Indonesia's efforts to transform into the digital world. The aim of this application is to connect entrepreneurs with the Online Single Submission (OSS) platform,reform the platform, and create a digital database and library for Kadin Indonesia.

Kadin Cipta also serves as the digital foundation of Kadin Indonesia's digitization efforts, utilizing the verified database of Kadin Indonesia's members, associations, government, and businesses as a decision-making tool for the organization's programs.

The features of Kadin Cipta will include:

  • A digital platform
  • Verified Kadin Indonesia database
  • Kadin Digital ID (single identifier)
  • Governance of organizational programs related to digitalization.
  • Verification between ministry agencies with AHU Kumham, Dukcapil, OSS BKPM, and DGT NPWP

Kadin Cipta is an initiative developed by Kadin Indonesia with the aim of creating digital transformation in the provision of various services aimed at all Kadin Indonesia members and the global business community.

This initiative aims to optimise the use of technology in the business world through cooperation and inclusiveness in the use of data and information. This programme is an integral part of Kadin Indonesia's ongoing efforts to remain relevant and meet the demands of the times.

Kadin Indonesia partners with various supporting parties in an effort to make Kadin Cipta an integrated information and data platform.

Kadin Cipta represents the spirit of inclusive collaboration, where all parties, including the general public, small, medium, and large businesses, as well as Kadin members, have equal opportunities to access various information and data contained in this platform. The public can utilise this platform to gain convenience, build networks, and equal opportunities in their business development.

Kadin Cipta provides various services and data that can be accessed by the public, including:

  1. Digital Business Document Services (Certificate of Origin, ATA Carnet, APEC Business Travel Card, Kunjungan Visa)
  2. Capacity Building Services (Wikiwirausaha, Kadin Net Zero HubKadin 4 Naker)
  3. Advocacy Information Service : Regulatory Database and Business Law : Bantuan Hukum
  4. Advocacy Information Service : Informasi Advokasi
  5. Economy Data Analysis Service : Economic Analysis and Business Law : Hukum Bisnis
  6. Networking and Business Matching Improvement Services through Business Service Desk (BSD)
  7. Forum Komunikasi Anggota (Communication Forum for Kadin Indonesia Members)
  8. Kadin Active Application


In addition to providing benefits to Kadin members and business people, Kadin Cipta also produces reforms in administration. Kadin Indonesia's entire operational process has been automated in a digital system, improving Kadin Indonesia's overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The impacts of Kadin Cipta include:

  1. Digital platform (website, app)
  2. Verified Kadin Indonesia database
  3. Kadin Digital ID (single identifier)
  4. Governance of the organisation's programmes related to digitalisation

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