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The Presidential Instruction (Inpres) No. 6/2016 on Acceleration of Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Industry Development and Domestic Content Rules (TKDN) aims to encourage the domestic health industry to aggressively produce medical equipment in the country.

Through this program, Kadin Indonesia targets global private–sector investment in the health industry.

Kadin Indonesia, as a leading partner in the business world, including in the health sector, supports the revision of the Draft Government Regulation (RPP) of Law No. 17/2023. RPP Law No. 17/2023 contains laws related to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, which have an important role in supporting public health and the Indonesian economy. 

Therefore, Kadin Indonesia facilitated a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the RPP of Health Law No. 17/2023 between a number of associations focusing on medical devices and pharmaceuticals such as the Indonesian Medical Device and Laboratory Association (Gakeslab), the Indonesian Medical Device Manufacturers Association (Aspaki), the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Companies Association (GPFI), the International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (IPMG), and the Indonesian Minister of Health.

Kadin acts as a contact person between the government and the associations, so that policies accommodate the needs and interests of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries in Indonesia.Kadin facilitated the FGD to provide an opportunity for the associations to convey their input and aspirations related to the RPP of Health Law No. 17/2023. These inputs and aspirations were then discussed by the government and associations to be formulated into policies that can accommodate the needs and interests of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries in Indonesia.

Sebagai bentuk nyata tindak lanjut dari FGD ini, WKU Bidang Kesehatan Kadin Indonesia, bersama dengan berbagai asosiasi industri kesehatan terkemuka, telah menyusun sebuah buku putih yang berisi pandangan dan rekomendasi mengenai RPP UU Kesehatan No. 17/2023 sektor farmasi dan alat kesehatan. Buku Putih ini adalah produk kolaboratif dari FGD, yang bertujuan untuk memberikan pemahaman yang lebih baik tentang dampak dan implikasi RPP UU Kesehatan No. 17/2023 terhadap sektor kesehatan Indonesia.

The outcome of this FGD, the White Paper, has been submitted to the Ministry of Health. This White Paper will be a valuable consideration for the government in designing and deciding on policies that suit the needs of the Indonesian people.

Kadin Indonesia is committed to being a partner for entrepreneurs and associations, and continues to support the development of a quality health sector in Indonesia. With strong collaboration and cooperation, we can achieve common goals for the welfare and health of all Indonesians.

Therefore, Kadin Indonesia has a Health programme that seeks to target global investment from the private sector in the health industry. Some of its programmes include the One Shot Campaign and Healthcare Market. 

The programme will focus on pillars such as research and development (R&D) of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics, regional healthcare supply harmonisation, partnerships in genomics, digital surveillance and supply chain connectivity for health resilience in Indonesia.

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