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IISIA and Kadin Indonesia supported by the Ministry of Industry Hold IISIA Business Forum (IBF) 2023

The Indonesian Iron and Steel Industry Association (IISIA) together with Kadin Indonesia supported by the Ministry of Industry will hold the IISIA Business Forum (IBF) 2023 which will be held on 9-11 November 2023 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE BSD), Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard Raya, BSD City, Tangerang, Banten.

IBF 2023 with the theme "National Steel Industry for National Independence" is a continuation of the previous event, IBF 2022. Furthermore, IBF will be held regularly every year as a national steel industry event.

The purpose of this IBF activity is to show the development of the national steel industry, show the latest technology in steelmaking, especially technology related to the green industry, together with related parties discuss and formulate together the development of the national steel industry in the future, finalise the preparation of a roadmap for reducing CO2 emissions in the national steel industry towards the Net Zero Emission target and encourage business matching between IISIA members and Kadin members.

Chairman of IISIA who is also President Director of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk, Purwono Widodo, said "The theme of IBF 2023 this time is the National Steel Industry for National Independence.

The theme was chosen in accordance with our situation facing the complexity of economic challenges both at the global and national levels, which need to be addressed by the national iron and steel industry in order to become more resilient and independent, as well as strengthen collaboration and synergy between all parties involved in the advancement of the national steel industry.

As an organisation that oversees industry associations including the national steel industry association, Kadin Indonesia believes IBF 2023 has an important role in strengthening synergy and collaboration among industry players and also with the government. Plh. Chairman of Kadin Indonesia, Yukki N Hanafi said "IBF 2023 this year is the second participation for Kadin Indonesia together with IISIA and the Indonesian Ministry of Industry. The IBF 2023 event will certainly further strengthen the synergy and collaboration between industry players, associations, government, and all relevant stakeholders as a driver of the economy for the progress of Indonesia".

Currently, the development of the national steel industry is expected to increase every year. IISIA projects that the national steel demand in 2045 is estimated at 100 million tonnes with an investment value of $100 billion. This is a good potential for the steel industry considering that the government is currently aggressively carrying out national development projects in which steel is one of the main materials. However, on the other hand, the national steel industry also faces challenges in the form of a low level of utilisation of national steel production capacity. Another challenge that needs to be faced is that the steel industry must be able to produce low carbon emission steel products in an effort to implement Green Industry towards Net Zero Emission which is targeted to be achieved in 2050.

Furthermore, Purwono said "IISIA hopes that IBF 2023 will become a forum that is able to facilitate business matching between stakeholders in the steel industry which can open the door to mutually beneficial business agreements and advance the growth of the steel industry".

IBF 2023 will be opened directly by the Indonesian Minister of Industry, Mr Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita and attended by related officials. This year's IBF was attended by more than 90 participants from national companies, foreign companies, ministries, associations, educational institutions and also invited MSMEs to enliven this event. This activity is also supported by 50 sponsors both from national companies and international companies.

In addition to exhibitions, IBF 2023 activities also consist of seminars and talk shows with experts, practitioners, and professionals in the national steel industry ecosystem, exhibitions of national and international steel products and technology, follow-up to the IISIA MoU of cooperation with industry and professional associations in increasing the use of domestic steel products and green infrastructure design competitions. IBF 2023 presents seminar and talk show speakers with 11 keynote speakers. talk shows with 11 keynote speakers from several ministries, 6 association speakers, 5 international speakers, and 2 academic speakers.

"IISIA and Kadin Indonesia would like to thank the support of the Ministry of Industry, event participants, sponsors, seminar and talk show speakers and other related parties who have provided support and commitment so that this year's IBF 2023 event can be held successfully and provide added value for all national steel industry stakeholders," concluded Purwono.


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