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Kadin Indonesia and Apkasi Hold IIWTT Forum & Expo 2023

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) in collaboration with the Association of Regency Governments throughout Indonesia (Apkasi) held the International Waste Treatment Technology (IIWTT) Forum & Expo 2023 at Grand Sahid Hotel Jakarta, 1-2 November 2023. IIWTT 2023 aims to encourage collaboration between stakeholders in order to realise a green environmental ecosystem in Indonesia.

According to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry's (MoEF) National Waste Management Information System (SIPSN) in 2022, of the 21.1 million tonnes of national waste, only 65.71 per cent or 13.9 million tonnes were managed properly. Meanwhile, 34.29 per cent or 7.2 million tonnes have not been managed optimally.

Acting Chairman of Kadin Indonesia, Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi, said that unsustainable waste management and disposal is still an important issue in Indonesia. Therefore, as a strategic partner of the government, Kadin Indonesia continues to provide solutions to the waste problem through inclusive and collaborative programmes such as IIWTT.

"This year's IIWTT theme is 'Industrialisation of Waste Management Towards Green Energy'. This theme encourages our enthusiasm as industry players from various regions in Indonesia to slowly start an industrial method or process that is more environmentally friendly from upstream to downstream, especially when carrying out waste management processes such as plastic waste and other types of waste," Yukki said in his speech, Wednesday (1/11/2023).

Representing the board, Chairman of Politics and Security of Apkasi, Jouna Ganda added that local governments, especially at the district level, are committed to collaborating with industry players in addressing waste management issues. According to him, the use of the latest technology is the key to dealing with waste problems in the region while increasing the source of income for local governments.

"The distribution of the latest technology in waste management and disposal is needed in all regions of Indonesia, as it is essential to improve our waste management percentage towards a green environment. We hope that through IIWTT 2023, there will be innovations that are suitable for implementation in various regions in Indonesia," said the Regent of North Minahasa.

Vice Chairman for Regional Autonomy Development of Kadin Indonesia and IIWTT Organising Chairman, Sarman Simanjorang emphasised that this year's IIWTT is a platform for all stakeholders to jointly discuss waste management efforts with the latest technology.

"This is not only about addressing the current waste problem, but also how we can achieve a sustainable economic and industrial vision in accordance with the 2045 Golden Indonesia Vision. During the golden age of 2045, we want Indonesia to be fully capable of managing industries in a sustainable manner, especially in waste management," Sarman emphasised.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of Environment and Forestry of Kadin Indonesia, Silverius Oscar Unggul, said that optimal waste management can encourage the growth of a circular economy that can be a solution to the waste problem. According to him, there are three main pillars in the circular economy that all stakeholders need to understand.

The first principle is to understand that most waste and pollution comes from product design with a linear economic model. The second is not to constantly waste resources.

"The last pillar is to focus on feedback that supports active improvement of the natural environment. Understanding these three pillars is the essence of how we should manage our waste wisely," said Silverius.

IIWTT 2023 presents around 25 discussion forums and keynote speeches filled by various prominent speakers from ministries and or institutions, starting from the ministerial level, deputies, heads of institutions, industry, NGOs, to MSME players. The event was also attended by 15 exhibitors who will showcase the latest waste management and disposal equipment, machinery, and technology to investors and local governments through business matching sessions and business forums.

In addition, there is a market sounding that aims to market and introduce products as well as bring together investment opportunities to investors and related stakeholders in the field of waste technology, so that later the use of waste technology in Indonesia can be realised. Kadin Indonesia and Apkasi will also hold a household plastic waste workshop as one of the activities of the IIWTT 2023 event, where workshop participants will be invited to make handicrafts from plastic waste.

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