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Kadin Indonesia Announces 2023 Kadin Impact Award Winners

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) today held the Kadin Impact Award Night (KIA) in order to appreciate the efforts of Regional Kadin in various regions in Indonesia in strengthening Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia. With the theme "One Kadin Builds the Nation", the Kadin Impact Award is a form of Kadin Indonesia's real contribution in building the regional and national economy.

After a long assessment process, from 114 programmes registered in KIA 2023, there were six winners for five categories in this award night. Among them are vocational, women's empowerment, sustainable economy, regional economic strengthening, and digitalisation. The winners were assessed based on the programme's impact on social change and economic growth in the region.

In the five categories, the East Java Provincial Chamber of Commerce won the vocational category, followed by the Bandung City Chamber of Commerce in women's empowerment, and the Bali Provincial Chamber of Commerce in sustainable economy. Not only that, Kadin of West Java Province and Muara Enim Regency won the category of strengthening the regional economy and Kadin of Surakarta City won the Digitalisation category. Meanwhile, the Kadin of Aceh Province, West Java Province, and East Nusa Tenggara Province won the most commendable winners in three regions, namely West, Central and East.

The Acting Chairman of Kadin Indonesia, Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi, hopes that KIA can appreciate, motivate and inspire more Kadin across Indonesia to participate in efforts to advance the regional and national economy. He also invited the sons and daughters of the region to see change from a different perspective.

"Through the Kadin Impact Award, we want to show that success is not only measured in terms of business profits, but also in terms of sustainability and positive social impact on society. Together we can build a brighter future for a resilient, prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Indonesia," said Yukki.

Chairman of the OC Kadin Impact Award, Teuku Zulham, believes that KIA is a form of appreciation and appreciation for MSME players. "KIA is present with the spirit of strengthening the determination of the Regional Kadin in making achievements and driving the regional economy," he said. "Kadin Indonesia is proud to present the Kadin Impact Award as a form of appreciation and appreciation," he added.

KIA is designed with a greater purpose. He hopes that this award can create a wider positive impact, encouraging business people in the regions to jointly raise the economic status of the country, by being innovative in the coming years.

Head of the Organic Pattern Farmer Group Programme in the Subak System, I Gusti Ngurah Rai Sutanegara expressed his gratitude to Kadin Bali for its support in creating an innovative programme that has a significant impact on Bali's farmers.

"With Kadin Bali's help, not only the water system was improved, but also farmers' knowledge about agricultural products and finance. The impact has been tremendous, providing stability and progress in the organic farming we run, and significantly improving the quality of life of the farmers," he said.

Chairman of the Cakra Desa Programme, Haerul Tanam also expressed how important the contribution of the West Java Provincial Chamber of Commerce is in increasing the productivity of agricultural land in a number of villages in West Java.

"The Cakra Desa programme, which focuses on empowering local farmers through mentoring, provision of production facilities, market access, and logistics, has driven real progress. Kadin West Java not only provides material support, but also facilitates skill building, including training and licensing assistance. This is a clear example of how synergy between organisations such as Kadin and local communities can create meaningful impact on regional economic development and community welfare," Haerul concluded.

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