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Working Programs

Bidang Kemaritiman, Investasi, dan Luar Negeri

The Vice Chairman Coordinator of Maritime, Investment, and Foreign Affairs at WKU has 24 working programs that focuses on:

  • ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC) & ASEAN Summit 2023
  1. The handover ceremony of ASEAN BAC, which was conducted on January 30, 2023 in Jakarta.
  2. Roadshows have been held in various countries, including Switzerland, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and other countries.
  3. The ASEAN Summit 2023 will be held in May and September.


  • Government Investment Targets
    In 2023, Vice Chairman Coordinator of Maritime, Investment, and Foreign Affairs will partner with BKPM to achieve the government's investment target of 1.4 million USD for the year 2023.

Included in the coordination of Maritime Affairs, Investment and Foreign Affairs:

  • Regional Economic Development Sector
  • Public Works, Housing and Infrastructure
  • International Relations Sector
  • Environment and Forestry Sector
  • Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Sector
  • Tourism and Creative Economy
  • Investment Sector

Regional Economic Development Programme

  1. Development of Agritourism as a Leading Tourism Destination Based on Potential and Local Wisdom. Kadin will conduct a quick win project to develop Lake Toba agro-tourism on the south side, Baduy Village, and marine tourism. 
  2. Development of Small Scale Mining to Improve Regional Economy. Through this programme, Kadin encourages large-scale mining companies to synergise with local mining services and involve landowners in managing the resources contained therein. 

Public Works, Housing and Infrastructure Programme

  1. Acceleration of SKKNI. Kadin encourages multi-stakeholder synergy regarding the acceleration of the fulfilment of Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI) specifically for construction to meet the needs of the construction industry and national infrastructure.
  2. Preparation of Construction Model Standards for IKN. This model focuses on achieving safety performance project construction based on maturity safety leadership project owner (especially for IKN).
  3. Fresh Graduate Certification in Construction. Kadin will involve universities, colleges, associations, business entities and professional associations as representatives of the construction services community.
  4. Improvement of Regulations. Kadin encourages the improvement of the rules of the Job Creation Law (UUCK) from the implementation that has not been effectively implemented, namely the Building Approval (PBG), improving the rules of the implementation of housing / property regulations that have not been synchronised, striving for the realisation of an increase in the price of Low-Income Housing (MBR) supported by the Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP) to be implemented immediately.

International Relations Programme

  1. Development of Latin American Business, Export and Investment Opportunities. Kadin will optimise this programme through G20 and B20 activities in Brazil, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Peru and Indonesia-Latin America and the Caribbean (INA-LAC).
  2. Enhancing Trade and Investment Relations. This programme will be implemented by conducting visits to partner countries, holding business forums, and cooperation between chambers.
  3. Improvement and Acceleration of CEPA, FTA, PTA Negotiations. Kadin will focus on EU-Indonesia CEPA, Canada-Indonesia CEPA, Indo Pacific and Mercosur Indonesia CEPA.

Environment and Forestry Programme

  1. Strengthening Carbon Market for Industry and Forestry. Kadin will prepare several Kadin members to be included in the carbon market and prepare the carbon market infrastructure with relevant ministries.
  2. Encouraging Regenerative Forestry Business Policy and Implementation. Kadin will develop campaign and advocacy strategies, as well as strengthen diplomacy and networking both nationally and internationally for the implementation of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) policy endorsement.
  3. Promoting the Protection and Development of Mangrove Ecosystems. To realise this programme, among others, mapping of potential pilot models in Kadin members will be conducted, managing pilot activities in mangrove core and border zones, and providing alternative and sustainable economic activities as an option for charcoal production workers.
  4. Encouraging the reduction of waste generation in accordance with the mandate of Permen LHK No.75 of 2019.

Marine and Fisheries Sector Programme

  1. Increase Foreign Direct Investment (PMA) and Domestic Direct Investment (PMDN) in the Capture Fisheries Sub-Sector. Kadin will design and realise a business model for fishing investment in the EEZ and high seas. 
  2. Increased Investment in Intensive and Sustainable Shrimp Farming, one of which is by reforesting mangroves in shrimp ponds. 
  3. Increasing the Downstreaming of Fishery Products. Together with the Directorate General of PDSPKP, Kadin will affiliate the bidfish.id website with the KKP fish exchange, and optimise the cold chain system, distribution and logistics of marine and fishery products.

Tourism and Creative Economy Programme

  1. Integrated Parekraf Development. This programme will be implemented with intra-institutional collaboration of international events and movements.
  2. Parekraf Advocacy Initiative. Advocacy will be carried out, one of which is related to PP No. 24 of 2022 concerning Implementation Regulations of Law No. 24 of 2019 concerning the creative economy.
  3. Place Making Ecosystem Initiative. Utilising public space as a means of developing a contemporary Creative Economy eco-system, through collaborations that can help with marketing, product development, networking, and involving academics. In addition, Kadin will curate creative economy actors and implement activities in related locations.

Investment Programme

  1. Encouraging OSS as a tool to help fulfil the 2024 investment target. Kadin Indonesia will involve Regional Kadin that can help collect data on MSMEs and then socialise OSS so that MSMEs understand the basis of business legality, and encourage the use of OSS as an ease of doing business factor in achieving the 2024 investment target.
  2. Morning Coffee with BKPM. This programme is carried out to encourage investment in leading sectors and explore investment potential in Indonesia.
  3. Regional Economic Development through Investment. This programme is implemented through area-based investment forums, as well as implementing pilot projects at the village level in 3 focus sectors (Clean water, energy, and tourism villages).
  4. Global Investment Summit. This programme is implemented to bring in global-scale investors to enter and invest in Indonesia.

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