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Bodies and Task Force

In 2023, Kadin Indonesia will focus on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to improve the economy in Indonesia. A few Department Head under Kadin Indonesia, which includes Department Head of Logistics and Supply Chain, Department Head of People's Economy Empowerment, and Department Head of Islamic Economy have developed working programs to elevate MSMEs, such as: 

  1. Department Head of Logistics and Supply Chain
    UMKM Go E-Commerce: Mentoring and training for MSMEs in the regions, including seminars and training on packaging, marketing, and e-commerce.
  2. Department Head  of Islamic Economy
    Literasi ekonomi syariah dan UMKM naik kelas: Program kerja sama dengan Komite Nasional Ekonomi dan Keuangan Syariah (KNEKS), yaitu menyiarkan ekonomi syariah, membangun program, dan mengembangkan industri halal terutama bagi UMKM.
  3. Department Head of People's Economy Empowerment
    Elevating inclusive partnerships for MSMEs: A mentoring program for MSMEs
    One Village One Product: Focusing on One Village One Product, and emphasizing the leading product in each village.

To support the priority work programmes, Kadin Indonesia has created programmes that are run by the bodies that have been established :

  • Law Enforcement, Defence and Security Relationship Agency
  • Legislative Relations Agency
  • Information and Policy Analysis Agency
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Agency
  • Sharia Economic Agency
  • Integrated Property Area Development Agency
  • Digital Finance Development Agency
  • Digital Economy Ecosystem Development Agency
  • Monetary Policy and Financial Services Agency
  • Film and Animation Ecosystem Development Agency
  • Research and Technology Agency
  • Badan Pengembangan UMKM dan Koperasi


To support the specific work programme, Kadin Indonesia has created a programme that is run by the Working Group (Pokja) formed, including:

  1. Sustainable Environment
  2. Support for Preparation, Construction, Development and Relocation of IKN
  3. Implementation of Kadin Indonesia Vocational Education Training
  4. Entrepreneurship Development - People's Economy Kadin Indonesia
  5. Verification Team - ALB Re-registration Validation
  6. Kadin Indonesia Trading House (ITH) Team
  7. Kadin Indonesia PO (Organisation Regulation) Development Team
  8. Mineral - Coal Hilirisation
  9.  Indonesia Emas 2045
  10. Arbitration
  11. Kadin and LKPP
  12. Regional Economic Empowerment


Law Enforcement, Defence and Security Relationship Programme

  1. Nationality Program Synergy with the Indonesian National Defence Institute (Lemhannas). This programme is a strengthening of national values for Kadin member businesses.
  2.  Prevention of Criminal Offences in the Field of Economics and Finance. Kadin will coordinate and sign an MoU with the Attorney General's Office, and monitor joint activities both at the central and regional levels.


Legislative Relations Programme

  1. Participation of the Business World in the Formation of Laws. Kadin organisational guidelines will be issued regarding the procedures for providing input on laws to the House of Representatives. Socialisation will be carried out to the network of Indonesian Kadin administrators, Regional Kadin and Associations.
  2.  Publication of Summary of Bill Formation in the Economic Sector per Quarter. Law Bulletin will be published every 3 months.
  3. Assistance to the General Chairperson and WKU / Head of Agency in RDP and RDPU of DPR Organs. This includes identification of needs and coordination with related fields and agencies.
  4. Socialisation of Presidential Decree 18/2022 to the Legislature. Massive socialisation was conducted to the DPR, MPR and DPRD so that they understand the role and function of Kadin as an equal partner with the Government/Legislature in the economic sector and the business world.


Information and Policy Analysis Programme

  1. Research on the Downstreaming of MSMEs and Creative Economy. Kadin will develop instruments and research reports on MSMEs and the creative economy.
  2. Food and Energy Security Research for 2024-2029. Kadin will develop research instruments and reports on food and energy.
  3. Creative Economy Development Research for 2024-2029. Kadin will develop instruments and research reports on the creative economy.


Logistics and Supply Chain Programme

  1. Synergy of the Logistics and Supply Chain Agency (BLRP) Programme with Ministries and Institutions. This synergy includes making feasibility studies of ports integrated with logistics.
  2. BLRP Goes to Campus.Kadin collaborates with Universities and Professional Certification Institutions for the readiness of a skilled and competent workforce in the field of logistics and supply chain.
  3. Synergy with international institutions and agencies. This programme recognises BLRP's role in the global supply chain market.


Sharia Economic Programme

  1. Sharia Economic and Financial Literacy. Kadin also provides training to scale up halal MSMEs and open access to financing to improve quality and competitiveness.
  2. Halal Value Chain. Kadin encourages synchronisation of policies related to HVC (high value customer) to support the creation of halal industry development and halal product industry infrastructure, such as halal labs, halal certification and training, halal auditors, halal logistics and others.
  3. Incubation and Channeling of MSMEs. The scope of this programme includes increasing the capability of access to capital, halal certification, technology, training and standardisation for MSMEs.


Latest Property Area Development Programme

  1. Property Industry GDP Contribution. Kadin encourages that research results are continuously conducted and show the calculation of the property industry's contribution to national GDP to be comprehensive, not only based on buying and selling leases.
  2. National Property Industry Roadmap. Ecosystem and supply chain mapping will be carried out, including participation in the draft IKN Law, socialisation of foreign ownership, and certification of the broker profession.
  3. Sustainable National Industrial Development. Kadin will encourage the strengthening of the property sector into a leading field in the regions so as to strengthen the property industry's contribution to national GDP. 


People's Economic Empowerment Programme

  1. Eradication of TB, Stunting and Extreme Poverty. This programme is a form of commitment from the private sector in line with Presidential Regulation Number 67 of 2021 concerning Tuberculosis Control.
  2. MSME Empowerment. This programme is a form of commitment from Kadin in line with Government Regulation Number 7 of 2021 concerning the Ease, Protection, and Empowerment of Cooperatives and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.


Digital Finance Development Programme

  1. Strengthening the Capacity of Digital Economy and Finance Business Actors. This programme focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and increasing digital talent to meet the needs of national digital ecosystem development.
  2. Quality Digital Economy and Finance Services and Encouraging Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth. This programme focuses on protecting the digital financial industry and ecosystem through strengthening cyber security and Personal Data Protection (PDP).


Monetary Policy and Financial Services Programme

  1. Capital Market Literacy Improvement. Kadin encourages corporations to grow their visibility and credibility by entering the capital market.
  2. Increased Health Insurance and Pension Fund Literacy. This programme is in line with Law No.4 of 2023 on Financial Sector Development and Strengthening and OJK's financial literacy series on pension segment and pension fund.
  3. Advocacy on the Implementation of Banking and Financial Services Sector Policy on Foreign Exchange Earnings (DHE). This programme is in line with the implementation of Government Regulation No.26 of 2023, Minister of Finance Regulation No.225/PMK.010/2022, especially Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) No.7 of 2023 on Foreign Exchange of Export Proceeds (DHE) and Foreign Exchange of Import Payment.
  4. 2024 Economic Projection Study. This study was made as a basis for strengthening domestic resilience amid the global slowdown.


Film and Animation Ecosystem Development Programme

  1. Development of Indonesia's Film and Animation Sector Through Integrated Activities. Kadin will hold an annual conference and exhibition to connect the ecosystem of film, animation, content industry players as well as business matching of products from the domestic film, animation, game, content industry to foreign markets. 
  2. Supporting the Indonesian Film and Animation Sector through Policy Advocacy, as well as Socialisation of Content Development and Intellectual Property through Integrated Activities. Kadin will capture the aspirations of creative industry players related to regulatory needs, both in the government and the House of Representatives. Kadin will also gather policy suggestions that support the development of the content, film and animation industries. For example, policies related to IP (Intellectual Property).
  3. Training, Certification, and Infrastructure Development for Film and Animation Production. Kadin will recruit training partners, create curriculum and be involved in the process of establishing certification bodies.


Research and Technology Programme

  1. Public Private Partnership. Kadin will collect research results from the business world and bridge between innovators and industry. Kadin will also collaborate with relevant governments and the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN).
  2. Continuing Synergy with BRIN. Cooperation is carried out in order to develop industry-based science and technology with academics, government, MSMEs, and accommodated in Sebaris (Research Institute Registration Information System).


Program Pengembangan UMKM dan Koperasi
  1. Kampung Digital Kadin Indonesia. Suatu Kawasan dalam Cluster dengan usaha UMKM yang sama atau mirip, dimana produknya dapat dijual secara Online dan diterima baik nasional maupun pasar ekspor. Kampung Digital akan dilengkapi dengan perangkat penjualan online (PC, Laptop, Tabloid & paket internet), dalam suatu ruangan (sewa atau milik kelurahan/kecamatan setempat).
  2. Film UMKM. Program ini dibuat sebagai literasi, motivasi dan menjadi inspirasi bagi pelaku UMKM di Indonesia, melalui produksi dan penayangan film-film bertema UMKM.
  3. Digital Marketing Management (DMM). Program ini merupakan wadah untuk membantu pelaku UMKM yang masih kesulitan melakukan penjualan online dan transaksi digital. DMM akan menyiapkan petugas terdiri dari Praktisi, mahasiswa program magang, dll.
  4. Motivator Bisnis. Pelatihan Motivator Bisnis dilakukan baik offline maupun online, dimana peserta akan diarahkan menjadi Motivator bagi pelaku UMKM di daerah masing – masing. Sasarannya agar pelaku UMKM memiliki mental bisnis, sikap dan komunikasi yang lebih baik.
  5. One Product One Brand merupakan program dengan peserta pelaku UMKM yang memiliki produk kuliner yang sama, baik bahan baku, proses produksi dan target pasar, dalam suatu kawasan/cluster. Akan dilakukan kesepakatan dengan peserta untuk menggunakan resep yang sama dan selanjutnya merek dan kemasan yang sama. Dampaknya akan lebih efisien di dalam perijinan, kemasan, dan promosi produk.

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Kadin Central Java Encourages Migrant Workers with Specific Skills to Take Advantage of Japan's SSW Program
Strengthening MSMEs as an Instrument to Achieve the Vision of Golden Indonesia 2045
M. Arsjad Rasjid P.M.
Kadin is Ready to Cooperate with the Government in the Policy Implementation Scheme of the MCH Law


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